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Ad HQ Data Tracker - PRO version

Ad HQ Data Tracker - PRO version

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This is the PRO version of our infamous AdHQ Data Tracker. This version includes Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks for 5 different campaign types (Engagement, Leads, Sales, Traffic, + Awareness) as well as the super popular Optimizations Cheat Sheet (not included in other AdHQ versions!).

- Ad Account Overview (a home base for all your ad account information so you don't have to go back into ads manager any more than necessary ...iykyk)
- Custom Columns Checklist (so you know you're looking at the right data everytime)
- Optimizations Cheat Sheet (so you know WHEN + HOW to fix underperforming ads... plus how to know if they're considered 'underperforming')
- Week-at-a-glance (Our proprietary formulas that pull the most recent week's data from the coordinating historical data tracking sheets for an easy to review Ad Update WITH built in, color coded, benchmarks + KPIs!)
- Ad Terminology Glossary (so you never have to google "what does CTR mean" again)
- All 5 Historical Data Trackers with built in Key Performance Indicator markers AND benchmarks to compare your results against. We have built these for the following campaign types: Engagement, Leads, Sales, Traffic, and Awareness.


What are Key Performance Indicators?
These are the specific data points that need to be considered for a particular marketing effort. Ex. Engagement Campaigns have a KPI of Cost per Page Engagement

What are Benchmarks?
These are the average results to expect for that specific KPI. Ex. The Cost per Page Engagement benchmark is $0.05 or less


other places AdHQ Pro is included (in case you're interested in a deal 😉)
AdCoCollective Membership - $97/month 

Looking for more?

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